Fees and accommodation

Registration fees    (All prices are in Polish złoty (PLN))

  • Participant fee: 650 PLN     (until June 30)
  • Late participant fee: 800 PLN
  • Accompanying person fee: 350 PLN
              (PLN - POLISH ZŁOTY, 1 EURO ≈ 4 PLN, 1 USD ≈ 3 PLN)

The participant (registration) fee covers an abstract booklet, conference items, lunches, coffee breaks, an excursion, and a banquet. The accompanying person fee covers lunches, coffee breaks, an excursion, and a banquet.
Participants are expected to pay the registration fee on-line by credit card via the Meeting website, or by a bank transfer.
All payments must be in Polish Złoty (PLN). The transfers have to be free of any processing charges, bank fees, etc. for the Polish Mathematical Society.

Bank transfer

Data of the bank account owner:
Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne
ul. Śniadeckich 8
00-956 Warszawa

Bank data:
Kredyt Bank SA                                        (name of the bank)
1770, IV Oddział KB SA, Warszawa           (branch of the bank)
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 3                     (street)
00-030 Warszawa                                    (city)

Bank account number:
    (a) for transfers from outside of Poland
           IBAN: PL 53 1500 1777 1217 7009 9183 0000
    (b) for transfers from Poland
           53 1500 1777 1217 7009 9183 0000

Please do not forget to indicate the name of the participant for whom the payment is made.

Credit card

Credit card transactions are realized by Dotpay® payment service.

Amount   (in PLN):  
First name:  
Last name:  


Important: A possibility of hotel booking via organizers ends on May 31, 2011. After this date, the organizers provide only the University dormitories. Reservation can be made during registration process.

Your choice of the hotel rooms from the Meeting website will be forwarded to the hotels. Then the hotel desks will contact you by e-mail about reservation conditions and methods of payment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the organizers (hotele@euler.math.uni.lodz.pl).

The organizers have reserved for a period September 11 - 16, 2011, a number of rooms in the following hotels:

  • Grand Hotel ***
    address: ul. Piotrkowska 72, Łódź
    single 220 PLN, double/twin 300 PLN (breakfast included)
    location: strict city center, 3 km away from the Meeting venue
    webpage: http://luxury.hotel.com.pl/grand\_pl/Home
    Located at number 72 Piotrkowska street (ulica Piotrkowska), the Hotel Grand is the most famous in Lodz, boasting the longest history of any hotel in the city and has been welcoming guests for an uninterrupted 122 years.
  • Hotel Ambasador ***
    address: ul. Kosynierów Gdyńskich 8, Łódź
    single 180,50 PLN or 213,75 PLN, double/twin 194,75 PLN or 213,75 PLN (breakfast included)
    location: city outskirts, 8,5 km away from the Meeting venue
    webpage: http://www.hotelambasador.pl/Chojny/
    Surrounded by the park, next to John's Ponds, and situated about 150 meters from the Lodz-Katowice route, the hotel is not only an excellent place for leisure, but is is also an attractive lobby, conference and training center.
  • Hotel Ibis **
    address: Al. Pilsudskiego 11, Łódź
    single 249 PLN, breakfast 29 PLN
    location: city center, 3,5 km away from the Meeting venue
    webpage: http://www.ibishotel.com
    Hotel Ibis Łódź Centrum is located right in the city center, 3 km away from the Meeting place and 1 km from the two main train stations. Just 100 m separates the hotel from ulica Piotrkowska, the city's main street.
  • Guest House of the Jewish Community in Łódź
    address: ul. Pomorska 18, Łódź
    single 120 PLN, double/twin 180 PLN (breakfast included)
    location: strict city center, 3,5 km away from the Meeting venue
    webpage: http://en.jewishlodz.org.pl
    Guest House provide the Synagogue, kosher restaurant and grill “Cafe Tuwim”, and the Mykwa.
  • Hotel Boss
    address: ul. Tatrzańska 11, Łódź
    single 48 PLN (common bathroom), double/twin 108 PLN, breakfast 15 PLN
    location: 3,5 km away from the Meeting venue
    webpage: http://www.hotel-boss.pl
    The "Boss" Hotel is located close to the trade centre and it is easy to get there from all parts of the city. The Hotel has got a car-park which is out of charge for the guest and an air-conditioned restaurant where different dishes are served on the buffet table.
  • University dormitories
    address: ul. Lumumby, Łódź
    single 90 PLN (plus 8% VAT), twin 140 PLN (plus 8% VAT) (breakfasts exluded)
    location: walking distance from the Meeting venue
    Dormitories are located about 10 minute walk from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Łódź where the Meeting will take place. There is a tram to the main historical street of Łódź - Ulica Piotrkowska.

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